Labcorp DNA Paternity Testing


Paternity DNA testing provides scientific evidence of whether someone is the biological father of another person. It is performed by comparing one’s DNA with the DNA profile of an alleged parent. 


Whether you need paternity DNA testing for personal or legal reasons, Labcorp offers accurate and convenient DNA paternity testing options. Both our legal and at-home tests use the same DNA testing technology, but have different collection methods. Our legal test follows legal chain-of-custody protocols where the sample is collected at a Labcorp patient service center, so that your sample is valid evidence in a legal setting. 


Note: At-home paternity testing is not intended for use in a court of law, and is not available in the state of New York. 

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  • A paternity test is a scientific test that compares the DNA of a child, mother and alleged father to determine the likelihood of whether the man is or is not the biological father of a child. It is possible to test only the child and alleged father, but it is preferred to also test the mother when possible.

  • Once you purchase your paternity test, your specimen will need to be collected. The type of test you purchase will determine your collection process:


    • For at-home tests, a kit will be mailed to you for at-home collection in about 2-3 business days. The kit will contain four cotton swabs for each person that will be providing their sample for testing, along with easy-to-follow instructions, including instructions for shipping the sample to the lab for processing.
    • For legal tests, you will need to schedule an appointment at a Labcorp patient service center. Legal DNA tests have special collection requirements. These requirements are designed to provide confidence, in a legal setting, that the samples were collected from the correct individuals and that no tampering occurred during the sample collection process and shipment to the testing laboratory. Samples provided by each party do not have to be collected at the same time.
  • Visit the Labcorp DNA Paternity webpage to purchase an at-home paternity DNA test or legal DNA paternity test.

  • If you have questions or need assistance with paternity DNA testing, visit our complete paternity testing FAQ or call customer service at 888-454-7173.