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Magnesium Test

$ 39.0

Think you might have a magnesium deficiency? Get answers today.

Magnesium is an essential mineral the body uses to support healthy heart, brain, muscle, bone and nerve functions, as well as energy production. However, studies have shown that up to 68% of Americans don’t get enough magnesium in their diet.

Maintaining an adequate magnesium level is vital for regulating your nervous system, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and other important processes in the body. A low blood level of magnesium, also known as hypomagnesemia or magnesium deficiency, can result in symptoms such as fatigue, muscle cramps, an irregular heartbeat and more. Although not as common, a high magnesium level can also have adverse effects on the body. 

This test measures the level of magnesium in your blood, empowering you to make informed decisions on your nutrition and lifestyle choices for optimal health.

Magnesium Test
$ 39.0

Test Details

Sample Type: Blood
Collection Method: In person at a Labcorp location
Age: 18+
Results: 1 day from when your sample arrives at our lab
HSA/FSA: Accepted
Test must be taken by purchaser

Preparation: No special preparation is required.

What's Tested
  • Magnesium

    A mineral that is essential for proper muscle function, energy production and maintaining strong bones. Magnesium also supports nerve and heart function, aiding heart rhythm and blood pressure. Magnesium can impact the balance of other electrolytes, including potassium. It is recommended to consult with your healthcare provider to discuss your test results and next steps.

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  • Magnesium is a type of electrolyte, an electrically charged mineral that helps control the amount of fluid as well as the pH balance in your body. 1


    Your body needs magnesium to:

    • Support muscles, nerves and heart function
    • Regulate blood pressure and blood glucose levels
    • Build strong bones and support a healthy immune system
  • The Labcorp OnDemand Magnesium Test will measure the level of magnesium in your blood. After you have purchased the test, visit a Labcorp location for a sample collection. Your results will be available through your Labcorp Patient account within 1 day after your sample has arrived at our lab. 


    We recommend you consult with a healthcare provider if you have any questions about your results.

  • If you have low magnesium, you may experience:

    • Weakness
    • Fatigue
    • Appetite loss
    • Numbness or tingling sensations
    • Upset stomach, nausea and vomiting
    • Irregular heartbeat
    • Seizures (in cases of an extremely low magnesium level)
  • If you’re over the age of 60, have dietary restrictions and/or live with certain chronic health conditions, you may have a higher risk of having a low magnesium level. 


    Conditions that are associated with low magnesium levels include2:

    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Celiac disease
    • Malabsorption syndrome
    • Alcohol use disorder
    • Malnutrition
    • Chronic diarrhea


    Certain medications may interfere with magnesium absorption in the body, such as some antibiotics, antacids, and drugs to treat high blood pressure, etc.


    Individuals with acute or chronic kidney disease are at greater risk of having a higher magnesium level, also known as hypermagnesemia, as the kidneys play an important role in the regulation and excretion of magnesium. Certain medications with magnesium may also put this group at higher risk. 


    Test your magnesium level to check if you have optimal magnesium in your body. 


    Note: Do not stop taking any medications without consulting with your healthcare provider.


  • Many people are consuming less than the recommended amount of magnesium. A healthy diet can help support your body’s needs for magnesium. People should get most of their nutrients from a well-rounded diet rather than taking supplements.


    Food sources of magnesium include green leafy vegetables (spinach, collard greens), legumes (black beans, edamame, lima beans), nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts), seeds, fruits (avocado, banana, blackberries) and fiber-rich whole grains (quinoa).


    If your magnesium level is low or you are experiencing any concerning symptoms, it is recommended to contact a healthcare provider for further guidance. 

  • Visit the Labcorp OnDemand website to browse and purchase laboratory tests and create your Labcorp OnDemand account. All Labcorp OnDemand testing requires a healthcare provider order; for your convenience, Labcorp OnDemand has contracted with PWNHealth LLC and its affiliated professional entities (collectively, PWNHealth) to provide healthcare provider services. Visit a Labcorp location for sample collection; or, if using an at-home kit, collect your sample yourself. We’ll let you know when your results are ready to be accessed through your Labcorp OnDemand account or through your Labcorp Patient account. 

  • Your results will be provided to you through our secure online portal to view or print. Results are also provided to PWNHealth, which provides professional healthcare provider services for OnDemand tests. If you are accessing your results through your Labcorp Patient account, all users linked to the account will have access to all OnDemand test results. Results may also be provided to a local, state, or federal health authority, but only when legally required. For example, many states require the testing laboratory and healthcare provider to report test results for certain communicable diseases, such as sexually transmitted diseases or COVID-19, to local or state health departments.  


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