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Chickenpox Immunity Test

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Concerned about the chickenpox? Learn if you’re protected.

Varicella zoster virus (VZV) is a highly contagious viral disease that causes the chickenpox, an itchy blister-like rash that can spread over the entire body.  Before the introduction of the VZV vaccine, the disease was once a common infection of childhood.

This test can determine the status of your VZV immunity, which may be the result of either previous exposure to the illness or vaccination.


No special preparation.

Why Consider This Test?

Rise in Outbreaks

Varicella outbreaks do still occur.  Although outbreaks had declined for over a decade following the start of vaccination, there is evidence of a resurgence of chickenpox in recent years.2

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Undetermined Immunity

While many people who grew up in the 1990s and later received a VZV vaccination, older individuals may not have.

This especially may be true if a person was thought to have already been infected with chickenpox before the vaccine became available. In some cases, this history may be unreliable as laboratory confirmation of chickenpox is not routinely performed.

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Herd Immunity

Not everyone can receive VZV vaccinations. Unfortunately, this is also the group that may be most likely to develop severe or even life-threatening cases of chickenpox. By making sure you are immune, you can avoid spreading chickenpox and help protect these vulnerable people.

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2. Andrada, Carolina. “The Resurgence of Chickenpox.” Outbreak Observatory, Center for Health Security, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 22 Nov 18.

How To Get This Test

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