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COVID-19 Testing

Getting a trusted Labcorp Ondemand COVID-19 PCR test for travel, activities or possible infection is easy with multiple testing options. Choose from one of our home collection kits or visit a local Labcorp location. Home collection kits are available at $0 upfront cost for eligible individuals with insurance.

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COVID-19 At-Home Test

$0 upfront cost with insurance.

Kits are available at no upfront cost for individuals with insurance who meet clinical guidelines. We can bill your insurance or you can choose to skip the survey and pay with a credit card if you are uninsured or do not meet clinical guidelines. Learn more about billing options.

Zero Cost
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Access COVID-19 testing at home.
Now with no upfront cost.

We can file your insurance or utilize federal funds to cover the upfront cost of this test on your behalf. If you are eligible for testing, simply provide your information during the checkout process.

Available for ages 2+

Kid-Friendly COVID-19 Testing

When your child or teenager needs to get a PCR test for travel, summer activities, or possible infection, Pixel makes it easy. Sample collection is comfortable for your child with a short nasal swab taken in your own home.

Kid Friendly COVID19 Home Test Kit

How it Works


1. Select a billing option. 

We can bill your insurance if you choose to take the survey and you meet clinical guidelines. You can choose to skip the survey and pay with a credit card if you are uninsured or do not meet clinical guidelines. 

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2. Receive your sample collection kit

COVID-19 kits are sent via FedEx. Most kits will be delivered within 2 days.

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3. Collect your sample and send it back to our lab for testing

Our average time to deliver results is 1-2 days from when your sample is received at the lab.

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4. Access your results online

Securely access results in your Labcorp OnDemand account. A free clinician consult is available to users with positive or indeterminate test results.

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Quick and Easy Collection

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Results you can trust.

At Labcorp, we’re on a mission to improve health and improve lives.  Now you can access COVID-19 testing through the same world-class lab trusted by physicians across the United States from the comfort and security of your own home. No trip to the doctor’s office or other healthcare provider is required.

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Price Transparency

Labcorp OnDemand is dedicated to providing an affordable and accessible at-home COVID-19 test kit for our customers.

Lab Fees

Processing and analysis of your sample at a Labcorp lab


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Physician Services

Oversight for testing from an independent physician network, PWNHealth


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Supplies & Shipping

Materials, assembly, and shipping for your COVID-19 test kit


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We’re here to help

Have questions about COVID-19 testing? Our dedicated customer care team is happy to help.

Browse our dedicated FAQ page, send us a chat message, or shoot us an email at [email protected]. We’re also available to talk Monday – Friday from 9a-5p Eastern at (800) 833-3935.

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Antibody Testing for COVID-19

This test looks in the blood for proteins produced by the body as it fights off COVID-19.  It can tell you if you’ve previously had the virus.

Coming soon to Labcorp OnDemand™

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Available at Labcorp through your doctor today

A healthcare provider, including a telemedicine provider, can order the test from our parent company, Labcorp. You can visit a Labcorp patient service center to provide your blood sample.

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