Colon Cancer Awareness Month

It's Colon Cancer Awareness Month

When was the last time you were screened? With Labcorp OnDemand, access non-invasive colon cancer screening without leaving home.

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Colon Cancer Screening

When it comes to colon and rectal cancers, there is power in prevention and early detection—and testing doesn't always have to feel invasive. 

Why consider this test?


Screening for CRC can find precancerous polyps that can be removed preventatively, as well as detect early forms of CRC, which is often highly responsive to treatment.

# 2 Cancer Threat in the U.S.

Excluding lung cancer, CRC is the most common cause of cancer deaths among men and women combined.

Family History

For people with average risk, regular screening for CRC should begin at age 50. However, if you have a family history of CRC or other factors that increase your risk, talk to your health care provider about the timing and appropriate methods of CRC screening.

What will your results tell you?

The fecal immunochemical (FIT) test is used to detect the presence of hidden blood in the stool. Each test kit comes with everything you need to collect your sample safely and cleanly from the comfort of home, including specially designed capture paper and sample-collection wand.

A positive result indicates there is blood in the stool. This does not necessarily mean you have CRC. A positive result may also indicate that blood loss is occurring due to numerous conditions, including: Ulcers, Polyps, Inflammatory bowel disease, Hemorrhoids, and Benign or cancerous tumors.

We encourage that you contact your physician when seeking further medical determination, including a colonoscopy or diagnosis.

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How it works

You test what matters to you. We deliver clear results you can act on.
The process is simple. The rest is up to you.

1. Get Your Kit
Choose your tests online. Your collection kit arrives at your doorstep in a few days.
2. Collect and send your sample
Follow the provided instructions to collect your sample and mail it back to our lab.
3. Access your results online
View your personalized, simple-to-read report online in your secure dashboard.