Sample collection for Pixel by LabCorp Tests during coronavirus outbreak

Sample Collection for Lab Tests During the COVID-19 Outbreak

During the COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare services, including lab work, are considered essential in most communities and are exempt from most “stay-at-home” orders that have been put in place across the country.

Labcorp OnDemand™ has many lab tests available for purchase that require you to go to a Labcorp patient service center to have your sample collected by a trained healthcare services provider.

Labcorp, Labcorp OnDemand’s parent company, has taken a number of steps in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to follow CDC guidelines, including social distancing and increased sanitation at its nearly 2,000 patient service centers across the United States.

Some of the initiatives put in place at Labcorp patient service centers include:

Dedicated Hour for Vulnerable Patients

The first business hour of each day has been set aside at Labcorp patient service centers to serve the most vulnerable patients, those who are 65 or older and those with serious underlying medical conditions.

The “Wait Where You’re Comfortable” Program

Labcorp has launched a nationwide “Wait Where You’re Comfortable” program, which allows you to decide where you would like to wait for the trained healthcare services provider, known as a Labcorp technician, to collect your sample after you have checked in.

To participate in this program, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Make an appointment at a Labcorp patient service center online and provide your cell phone number. A confirmation page with your appointment details will be sent to you.
  2. Once onsite, use your confirmation page to check in from your mobile device and wait in your vehicle or other nearby location.
  3. When the Labcorp technician is ready to see you, you’ll receive a text message to let you know it’s time to head to the Labcorp check-in area. Please note that message and data rates may apply.

Labcorp strongly encourages you to make an appointment at least an hour before you plan to visit to a patient service center to have your sample collected. However, you can still participate in the “Wait Where You’re Comfortable” program as a walk-in patient by signing in at the Labcorp Express tablet upon arrival and providing your cell phone number.

Labcorp Technicians Wear Masks

The Labcorp technicians who facilitate sample collection at Labcorp patient service centers wear medical ear loop masks for everyone’s protection. Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps stop the transmission of COVID-19.

Increased Sanitation and Disinfection

Surfaces at Labcorp patient service centers, including the check-in area, waiting rooms, bathrooms, and hallways, are disinfected frequently using CDC approved disinfectants.

Contact Your Healthcare Provider for COVID-19 Testing

Labcorp is helping to educate the public about COVID-19 testing. Individuals seeking testing for COVID-19 should consult with their physician or healthcare provider. Labcorp patient service centers do not collect specimens for COVID-19 testing.

Visit to stay up-to-date with Labcorp’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and the various initiatives taking place at the patient service centers to ensure the health of communities across the nation.