5 Tips for Your Next Lab Appointment

Hate needles? 5 tips for your next lab appointment.

The fear of needles or blood keeps many people away from lab testing or vaccinations. It is estimated that this fear affects 3-4% of the population1.

At Labcorp OnDemand, our goal is to make lab testing more accessible by offering convenient, cost-effective options. We know that undergoing an unfamiliar medical procedure can sometimes turn out to be a tense, upsetting, or even frightening experience.

To help, we’ve compiled our list of 5 tips to make your Pixel blood draw experience a little less scary. 


Start a day before and aim for about 2 liters (8 glasses) a day.


Talking can be a great distraction. Ask your phlebotomist about his or her day, the weather, sports, etc. 

Find a focal point

Don’t look at the needle. Instead, focus on something else in the room or envision something relaxing.


Deep inhales and exhales can calm you down and reduce stress levels.


Try to relax every muscle in your body.


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